Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Message I Left My Cousin On Myspace

My mom informed me that you knew why I attended those conventions but didn't wanna tell her. Just to let you know the real reason is behind a professor.

The best class I ever had in college was a video art course. There were a couple of videos I made featuring those "Arnold Schwarzenegger looking bitches".

Due to the powers that be the following fall semester she never came back. Even before she left we had a discussion about the content of my videos and potential steps I should consider for the future.

The last time we touched basis I informed her that I planned on going to a competition in Atlantic City. That was back in '06 and ever since I've found more reasons to revisit Columbus, Ohio, Las Vegas, and other cities that host conventions and competitions.

I would've elaborated more but knowing my cousin his thoughts on the subject will probably remain the same. Perhaps I'll share in more detail later some of the specifics that I touched on.

Also my external hard drive was fucking up the last time I used it, but if there's anyway to recover the videos I made from the class I'll post them up.

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